You are not a Rockstar. I am not a Rockstar.

There are few things in life I hate. Root canals. Puppy-kickers. Alarms clocks.

But ranking on the top of the list is the word ROCKSTAR. I can’t stand that word.

Often it’s attributed to someone who’s risen through the ranks or stands out in their career…but it also implies that the person who the title was thrusted upon actually wanted it.

There are few people who wake up and say, “You know what? Today I want people to look at me with their lighters raised in the sky, and think I’m so awesome it brings tears to their eyes!”

No, there are few people who think that.

There are, however, people who wake up and understand their passion to create sets them apart. Their work ethic is strong. They don’t accept ‘no’ as an answer.

Those people? Those people are sometimes called Rockstars, but they’re just doing what they must.

They are releasing the dreams in their soul and bringing them to life.

They aren’t Rockstars.
They are dads.
They are moms.
They are students.
They are immigrants.
They are hustlers.
They are dreamers.
They are making something out of nothing.

Oh, friend, you are not a Rockstar. I am not a Rockstar. And I hope we never convince ourselves otherwise.

Let’s keep our heads down, work hard, and create because we must.