4 Ways to Get Consistent on Social Media

Are you tired of hearing, “You just have to be consistent?”

Well, prepare your well-intentioned and inconsistent business heart, because I’m coming in hot! 

Everything you want is on the other side of being consistent. Yes. It’s really that simple, and that hard… But it’s the dang truth.

>>It may be the hard truth, but I’m not here to give you excuses and make you comfortable.<< 

I’m here to empower you. I’m here to educate you. I’m here to assure you that the seemingly impossible is, in fact, possible.

There’s a catch though. 

  • You gotta show up, 
  • You gotta put in the work, and
  • You MUST be consistent.

“But HOW, Jasmine?!” 

I hear you, friend. Don’t worry. I don’t drop truth bombs without giving you a parachute. So that free-fall feeling in your gut when you’re uncomfortable? It will pass because I got you covered.

If staying consistent on social media makes you feel frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed… You’re not flying solo.

Here are 4 ways you can start getting consistent on social media today. How’s that for a smooth landing? 

4 Ways to Get Consistent on Social Media

1. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Listen, I get it: You want to show up well. But here’s the deal… If you’re spending hours trying to write the perfect post, create the perfect Story, or film the perfect Reel, you’re wasting your time. 

Perfection is procrastination in disguise. Just because you’re staying or feeling “busy” doesn’t mean you’re actually doing the work that’s going to move your business forward. 

Also, perfection is subjective. No two people see perfection in the same light, so investing your valuable time trying to get there will lead you nowhere. 

Long story short: Consistency wins out over perfection every time.  

2. Create a plan.

If you don’t have a map for where you’re headed, how will you know once you get there? You won’t. My mama always said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” (You can thank her for my truth bombs!)

I know what you’re probably thinking… Sure, a plan is great, but I’ve already got a million spinning plates in the air. If I add social media planning, they may all collapse. 

I get it, and I got you. You need a marketing agency in your back pocket that takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of planning your social media posts. This is exactly why I created Social Curator

3. Add to your daily to-do list.

Adding one more thing to your to-do list may feel like the last thing you want to do, but hear me out. The more intentional you are with the schedule you create and the tasks you add to your to-do list, the more time you will actually have to create. 

Creating a daily to-do list helps you get out of your head and onto paper. When you do this, it allows you to better prioritize your day and be more aware of where you’re actually spending your time. 

If the goal is to show up consistently, you must carve out intentional and strategic time for social media marketing or it won’t happen. 

4. Stop making excuses. 

This may sting a bit: everything that’s stopping you from showing up consistently is an excuse. Success doesn’t go to the smartest, the prettiest, or the richest. 

  • Success goes to those who are brave.
  • Success goes to those who are willing and scrappy enough to search for every answer within the pages of Google.
  • Success goes to those who hear “you cannot” from others but choose to say “I will” instead. 

Friend, cling to what’s possible and release the excuses… because your dream is waiting on the other side of consistency. 

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