A 30-Day Wedding Photography Course…for FREE!

How does spending 30 days together sound? No, really. Would you like to join me for 30 days and commit to starting/revamping your wedding photography business? If so, I'm incredibly EXCITED to join creativeLIVE to bring together an online bootcamp that will change your approach, drive, and–most importantly–your perspective.

This course will be broadcasted for FREE from May 18-June 26, 2015, so if you tune in every day, you'll see a new 45-90 minute episode! I'll be covering Posing…How to Get More Business…Lighting…Marketing…Workflow…and SO much more!

But here's the BEST part: Join me as I shoot a wedding LIVE!!!.

Yes, you'll join JD and I as we shoot an actual wedding for a truly amazing couple (more on that news later!) and you'll get 100% access to seeing a real, live wedding unfold. Things could get interesting, but that's what makes it FUN! 😉

To see the full calendar of content and register for this course, visit www.cr8.lv/jasminestarcomplete and snag a seat! Hope to see you online in May!