A Little Rough Around The Edges

A woman recently told me that my coaching style is a little rough around the edges. She said I should be more empathetic and that not everyone wants to be pushed in that way.

To be honest, her words made me take a step back. This has ALWAYS been a sore subject for me… 

I wish my style was LESS strong, LESS in-your-face, LESS focused on the brevity of life.

>>But try as I might, I can only ever be me.<< 

I honestly think my business would be bigger if I was soft, accepting, and tolerant.

I am, however, fully embracing of who I am.

  • I speak the way I want to be spoken to.
  • I teach the way I want to be taught. 
  • I coach the way I want to be coached. 

But this woman’s words really made me reflect on my technique and approach. Her words made me question my level of empathy.

>>Just because I come in hard with a plan doesn’t mean that I don’t give time or space to the fact that life doesn’t always work out the way that we expect.<<

I understand that there are moms that can’t show up in their business like they want to because they have a sick child, or dads that are weekend warriors so they can support their family, or full-time students with a full-time job AND a side gig just to make ends meet.

I am WILDLY empathetic to that hustle. 

I’m only dealing it to you straight because that’s how I want it. 

Why would I take up 50 minutes of your time sharing something that could be said in 5 minutes?

>>If I’m coming in hot or coming off a little strong, it’s only because I care about you.<<

My rough-around-the-edges coaching style is all about leaning in and valuing your time. 

  • Will I be for everyone? No. 
  • Will I push people away who don’t like my approach? Yes.

But that won’t stop me from showing up and serving people who just GET me.

Boo boo, this isn’t just about me. This is about YOU, too.

  • You won’t be for everyone…
  • Not everyone will invite you…
  • People may criticize your approach…

…and that’s okay!

>>Your focus should be listening to your customers and being open to their feedback, all while remaining true to yourself.<<

I’m choosing to look at this woman’s words as a learning experience as a business owner. I heard her, loud and clear! 

Do you agree with her?

  • Do I need to go a little softer? 
  • Do I need to take a step back? 
  • Do I need to see you differently to serve you better?

I need to listen to what my customers are saying…regardless of how I feel about it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Send me a DM on Instagram telling me how you feel about my coaching style! I’m open to any feedback!