Are You Annoying? Here’s how you can tell…

I was one of those kids who had an answer for everything. I had answers about answers.
It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t endearing.
In fact, I can’t tell you how many times my mother gripped the steering wheel, turned to look to the back seat, and said through gritted teeth, “I need you to stop talking right NOW, Jasmine.”
Once I even got kicked out of church Sunday School because I corrected the teacher too many times regarding his Biblical references. (But, really, who gets kicked out of Sunday School?! THIS girl.)
Despite my flaws, I usually won people over because of my ability to express gratitude.
I’d write letters, leave messages of appreciation on answering machines (#childofthe90s), and run up to people with a bear hug and a Thank You in tow.
To this day, my flaws abound, but an attitude of gratitude covers an abundance of annoyances.
I’m thankful for grace.
I’m thankful for support.
I’m thankful for a pat on the back.
But here’s the deal: it doesn’t stop with me. Just because I feel thankful, doesn’t mean that those around me know I’m thankful.
And that’s where many of us get tripped up, right? Like, WHY CAN’T PEOPLE READ MY MIND??
What we need to do is express gratitude, but finding the right words is hard, I get it. But I’m here to help.
I’ve included a Note of Appreciation in this post for you to simply copy and paste, or use it as a point of inspiration to send your own.  You can send it to your parent, child, partner, boss, employee, neighbor, friend, or sibling. Basically, anyone you know needs to hear from you.
Dear ___________ (name of recipient), this note has been a long time coming. I should’ve said it a thousand times before, but I hope you know how much I appreciate you. I can’t express how much it means when you __________________ (bring me coffee every morning/ensure I take my vitamins/proofread my emails/etc.). Your _________ (help/guidance/support) makes me happy as I pursue what I love. But I couldn’t do it without you. I want you to know that. And I want to say THANK YOU for being the best ____________ (spouse/mentor/parent/child/etc.) I could ask for.
I hope you use this note. Don’t delay. Send it today. Like, right now.
There’s a person who needs to hear from you.