Content Ideas For When You Are Stuck

Friend, do you want to create content but struggle with what to say?

*I gotchu.*

Content Ideas If You Are Stuck

Create content by answering questions that people frequently ask you!

This is my favorite way to source inspiration. Simply listening to your audience almost feels like the content is creating itself.

Not getting questions? No problem! Create content around the questions you *wish* people were asking.

>>When you answer questions about your business, your profession, or your industry, you position yourself as an authority… even if you’re not.<<

*Isn’t it funny how that works?*

The internet democratized being an authority.

  • Before the internet, an authority required extensive education.
  • Before the internet, an authority required connections and money.
  • Before the internet, an authority required being in the inner circle.

And then the internet came along, creating a level playing field for those who were willing to do the work. 

You have the opportunity to be seen as a source of information. 

So to anyone who feels like they have nothing to say, create content around what you hope to be known for.

As you share, your audience will grow as people start to know, like, and trust the knowledge you so freely dole out.

And then, the questions will come rolling in… creating a never-ending stream of content ideas.

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