3 Steps To A Better Workflow For Your Business

Does your business ever feel like it’s running you instead of you running it?

*Friend, I have been there.*

For years, my business felt so inefficient that it seemed to be happening to me.

>>It wasn’t until I took control and started establishing better systems that I felt the freedom of business ownership.<<

If you’ve been feeling the same way, here are 3 things I did to establish a better workflow:

Create a better workflow

1. Plan your workday in 30-minute increments.

It’s no secret that I love to plan out my time. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more I plan out my day, the more freedom I feel. 

I know exactly what I need to do at any given moment and how I can show up best in my professional and personal life.

Planning your workday in 30-minute increments gives you manageable blocks of time to focus on the task at hand without distraction and without feeling the need to juggle a million things at once.

2. Set specific days for meetings.

I don’t know about you, Hustler, but I’m not one to get dolled up and dressed to the nines every day. 

*I’ve got other things to do with that time, okayyyy?*

So, I put specific days on my calendar where I will have meetings, go Live on social media, or batch content. 

And the other days? You can find me in a messy bun and sweats.

*If that isn’t freedom, I don’t know what is!*

3. Use a project management tool to stay organized.

When you’re a business owner, you don’t have the brain capacity to remember everything all at once. 

*And scribbled down to-do lists on random pieces of paper will only get you so far.*

That’s why I live and die by our project management system. *Our team uses Asana, in case you were wondering.* 

I know exactly what tasks need to be done each day, and I’ve set up important reminders as recurring tasks, so I never need to worry about missing an important deadline again.

>>If you are feeling overworked and overwhelmed, I hope you create a workflow that serves you better as you implement these three tips!<<

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