Creating A Personal Or Business Brand: How To Know Which Is Right For You?

During my Q&A at ShowIt United a few weeks ago, I received a question from a photographer in the audience who asked: What is the proper ratio for personal to business content on my social media?

Before I could answer her question, I needed to know where our starting point was. So I asked her, “Are you building a personal brand or a business brand?”

But here’s the thing… she didn’t know.

And it’s not just her. This is a question most entrepreneurs do not know the answer to… and you want to know a secret? Get closerCloooooooser…

The secret is that the answer comes from within. I can’t answer it for you, your follower count won’t tell you, and your engagement is not going to answer it either.

Only you can make the decision to build a personal or a business brand, based on what you’re comfortable with.

Here’s a great exercise from Anne Lamott: Ask yourself, “If I were to name my account my name, how do I feel?” And then ask yourself, “If I were to name my account by a business name, how do I feel?”

Really take the time to think about it and be in touch with what you’re feeling. You will notice that your body physically will guide you because it is hardwired to know what it wants.

And if you’re wrong? That’s okay.

Do it, post, test, and if it doesn’t work… Change it, friend.

I am challenging you to put a stake in the ground, but I am not telling you you can never take it out. People change, and businesses do too. It’s about what you feel, where you’re going, and what you’re comfortable with.

And regardless of if you’re choosing a business or personal brand, the comfort level is different for everyone.

But in response to whether or not you should build a personal or business brand, just know that there is no right or wrong answer, boo. At the end of the day, only you will know what is right for you.

This branding video might add some clarity around the topic as well…

And as always, I’ll be here cheering you on.