Does your job suck? [Why everything you do prepares you for your dream career]

I used to wake up to an alarm.  The room was dark, the tiny red numbers reminding me it was yet another day of sitting in a cubicle and doing my job because I had to.
I'd pack a lunch, only to eat alone at my desk.
On days when I felt frustrated, alone, and totally lost, I reminded myself that I was doing the job because I had to learn more before I ventured out as an entrepreneur.
The job was supposed to teach me what I needed to know to create a CAREER.
And that's what I want to talk with you about today.
If I could tell you one thing, it'd be the following:  You're doing this today for a better tomorrow.
Wherever you are at this moment, I want to remind you that something bigger, something better, is on the horizon…if you keep moving toward it.
Don't stop running.
I'm cheering for you every step of the way.