I hope you let the light in

So it started with an email. Her words pricked my heart and she wrote, “I'm a little stuck both in Work and Personal life and I've kind of lost my way. I need to know how you are soooooo positive!! My business is good but not great, just don't feel I'm acheiving what I want and I am being left behind…nothing seems to be working. I'm 40 this year and feel like I need to be pushing myself more to enjoy life in both aspects!”

I didn't know how to answer, but I did the best I could…I'm sharing my response to explain more of who I am and how I've found my way.

“Can I be honest? We just met, but I'm going to cut through the mire and let you know something really personal: I've battled depression since I was 24 years old. I've gone through the highest highs and the lowest lows. I've hit rock bottom (more than once) and there were times when getting out of bed was the hardest thing to do.

With help from my family, friends, and therapist, I've been able to work through my darkest moments.

When you said, “I need to know how you are sooooooo positive,” I had to laugh because most people don't know what it takes to feel this way, the constant battle to remain focused on the good in life (however small it may feel).

Being positive is a daily action. It's a practice. Because producing positivity doesn't come naturally to me, I must foster it. So, HOW?

I read every morning. I pray. I meditate. I verbalize everything I'm thankful for. I write notes to loved ones. I brew tea. I take walks. I'm unafraid to cry.

I am positive because I know how dark darkness truly is. I've sat in sadness for so long that once I discovered the power of cultivating practices of gratitude, the light poured in.

And this is what I wish for you. I hope you find the richness of health and creativity…I hope you express thankfulness on a daily basis…I hope you let the light pour in.”