How to Turn Followers into Customers

I’m going to tell you something a little controversial, but I’m not going to back down because I’m speaking my truth. Here it goes…

>>Your social media content should support conversations…not the other way around.<<

Now, I never say something and expect you to just blindly accept it as truth, so let me explain why the traditional way of creating tons of content and not engaging with your followers is hindering your business.

Turn Followers into Customers

From what I’ve seen on social media, there are way too many business owners focusing on creating content for their business without building genuine connections, and then they wonder why they’re not making sales.

  • There are too many photographers sharing pretty photos but not replying to those who comment on them.
  • There are too many soap makers making behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories but not giving their followers a way to engage.
  • There are too many coffee shops posting about their lattes and hours of operation but not answering their DMs.

Do you feel called out? *Sorry, but I’m here to tell the truth.*

If you are instantly trying to come up with reasons why you can’t have conversations, I don’t want to hear it. *Yes, I said what I said.*

>>Oftentimes, we make excuses to avoid taking a look at ourselves and making a change.<< 

It’s easy to get defensive and list all the reasons you don’t have time or why it won’t work for you. It’s hard to say, “Okay, Jasmine… I am open to change… Tell me more.”

Once you say that, I’ll give it to you: have.more.conversations. That’s it!

People go on social media to be social. 

  • They want to be seen.
  • They want to matter.
  • They want to connect.

And you, friend, are the one who has the power to give it to them. You even have the power to comment and engage on their account first, not simply waiting for it to come to you. 

These are the kinds of conversations that lead to TRUST, and trust leads to SALES. 

>>People don’t buy from you if they’re constantly being sold to. They buy from you when they feel like you have their best interest in mind.<< 

You show them you care by talking to them, listening to them, and providing a solution when the time is right. *Not just by creating tons and tons of content and shouting into the void.*

However, that does not mean you should stop creating content. 

Content sparks conversations. 

  • It opens the door to engagement. 
  • It invites people to talk back to you. 
  • It encourages your audience to connect with you. 
  • It unites your tribe in common beliefs. 
  • It showcases what you do. 
  • It educates them on how you can help.

>>But what content doesn’t do is build trust. Only you can do that by building one-on-one relationships, one DM, like, or comment at a time.<<

Is it sexy? Absolutely not.
Is it fun? I think so! 

That’s why I spend over an hour every day engaging with you in my comments and DMs. I care about you as an individual, and I want to foster a connection with you.

It may not be the most glamorous advice I’ve ever given, but it’s the kind of advice that works.

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