Getting Out of a Social Media Funk

Let’s have a conversation about what it means to be in a funk. Specifically in what I’ll call, “A social media funk.”

Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok… whatever platform(s) your business is on, chances are you’ve found yourself in a funk from time to time. 

You know showing up on social media for your business is necessary but you’re often left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and frankly, like you just don’t have an “Instagrammable life” that’s worth posting. 

It’s not just you. Countless business owners and entrepreneurs battle similar frustrations, which is why it’s time we had this conversation!  

Getting Out of a Social Media Funk

Consider this your sign that it’s time to kick the “My life isn’t Instagrammable” funk.

Ready to get started? 

First things first… I’m going to dismantle an all too common myth:

>>You do not need an Instagramable life to post on social media.<<

Whatever that means to you, however you define it, you don’t need it. 

You may be thinking, “But Jasmine…

  • “…I don’t drive a fancy car.”
  • “…My office is a mess.”
  • “…I don’t fly first class.”

You don’t need any of those things (or whatever else you may be thinking you need) in order to successfully grow your business on social media. 

Think about how many times you’ve continued watching a stranger on social media: 

  • Share a simple morning routine, 
  • Do a product unboxing, or 
  • Create a makeup tutorial… 

How “Instagrammable” did they appear to you? While it’s possible you’ve seen some glamorous posts, chances are the majority of the content you consume is not as fancy as you think you need to be. 

Ask yourself: how many times have you continued watching when somebody was just trying to sell you a product or service? 

Chances are the one who’s sharing the mundane, not-so-Instagrammable information. Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes, 

“Document, don’t create.” 

This is from my ever-present unicorn and best-friend-in-my-head, GaryVee.

Friend, you don’t need to create anything (especially if you’re very busy), just simply document

Instagram has changed this year. The question is: Are you changing with it? 

In 2022, people want to see: 

  • Real People 
  • Relatable Content
  • Raw Conversations

Your customers and clients need to know, like, and trust you before they’ll feel comfortable buying from you. 

Let me tell you… 

>>Your dream customer wants to see real people, not ‘perfect’ people.<<  

So what does this mean for you, your business, and that social media funk you’ve been feeling recently? 

Stop pressuring yourself and your content to be perfect! That’s not what will stop your dream customer’s scroll and entice them to buy from your business. 

Instead of creating content, start documenting what your real personal and professional life is like day-to-day.

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