What Makes a Good Reel?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good Reel? 

Maybe you’re waiting to post until you have the perfect idea, or maybe you've started experimenting with Reels but you are having a hard time discovering what works.

*Believe me, I have been there, too.* 

Since Instagram released the Reels feature, I’ve continually published a minimum of three Reels per week. With all of that experience in my back pocket, I have learned to gauge what people respond to, share, and (hopefully) laugh at. 

So, I’m sharing three elements of a successful Reel and how YOU can recreate it for your business.

Let’s dive in!

What Makes a Good Reel?

Creative Transitions

This Reel performed really well (currently with over 1 million views) because it has really engaging, creative transitions. It takes a little practice to get right, but transitions keep people glued to your content as you move from one piece of information to the next. It takes added effort, but don’t let that dissuade you. You’re the type of person who goes the extra mile, and it shows!

Trending Song

Another Reel that was a hit (also with over 1 million views) succeeded partially because the content was educational in nature, but also because I used a trending song. Trending songs allow others to come across your content when they are exploring casually or looking at Reels that have used that same audio. It’s one way to work smarter, not harder. To find a trending song to use, simply click on the audio icon, then “see more” next to trending songs. Not every account has access to this yet, but be patient. Good things take time!

Short and Inspirational

This Reel also has over 1 million views and counting because it’s short and inspirational, making it extremely easy for followers to share with their audience, too. For example, you could tell a funny joke to lift their mood, explain how you get through a bad day, or share your favorite pump-up playlist to start the morning!

And there you have it!

But one last reminder: The only reason I was able to determine what works for my audience was through creating content consistently. I have tested hundreds of different Reels over the past year to see what works and what doesn’t. 

>>The only way for you to find out what is successful for your audience is if you keep showing up and creating content.<<

Free Instagram Reels Checklist: how to record, edit, and post your first Reel

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