Hate Making Content? Me too

It came out unexpectedly. I blurted it, actually. I hate making content, I said on a call.

I couldn't believe I admitted it so flagrantly and honestly. I was hosting my mastermind call, and as I shared how my content creation was changing (more on that in a second!), words just tumbled out of my mouth like a split-open bag of rice.

I admitted it, and content kernels of rice littered the call.

But here's the crazy thing: The minute I said it, I FELT SO FREE. Somewhere over the years, people began to believe I liked creating content.


Yeah, umm, no.

I can't wait for the day when I DON'T have to make content for my professional career. But until then? I'm committed to do things other people won't to get results other people don't.

On the call, I explained that 2023 marked a shift for my professional career. What that shift is, exactly, is currently a work in progress.

Reflecting on this shift this past week, I discovered it's what has made creating content even harder lately. I'm redefining myself…and, strangely, finding the need to do the same with my content. But, like, HOW?

I don't have the answer (yet), but I am sharing what I'm experimenting with right now: The Rule of 3. The framework is basic, but it's been helpful in getting me to take action (when taking action feels about as fun as a root canal).

The Rule of 3 is as follows…

  • 3 Topics – Focus on three topics to streamline ideation, message, and consistency
  • 3 Questions – Answer three questions in each piece of content, so it's value-driven and engaging
  • 3 Ways of Repurposing Content – Create each piece of content with a clear plan to repurpose in three different ways

For years I've been known to share branding, marketing, and social media education. While I'll still create similar content, I also want to highlight my (bigger) passion: Business Strategy for High-Performing Entrepreneurs.

But creating this type of content feels, well, daunting. There's a TON of things I could write and share, but I've discovered that when I get in front of a camera to explain my experience or insights, I look like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Knowledgeable, nice, a bit awkward, with sub-par acting skills.

So how can I create content that feels real, unrehearsed, and extremely valuable? JD challenged me to create a video with just my iPhone. We've thrown out a few ideas, so here's a look at a simple, documentary new way I'll be testing this content and framework.

  • After a consulting call with an entrepreneur, I'll write down 3 topics discussed on call.
  • For each topic, I'll outline the three questions the consultation answered and list the action items.
  • I'll end the video with insights or unique perspectives so viewers can learn from a real-time experience.
  • I'll send the iPhone video to a video editor with the following expectations:
    • One long form horizontal video (will be shared on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook on different dates)
    • Three short form vertical videos less than 60 seconds (will be shared on Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and Facebook stories)
  • The long form video will be scheduled for YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • The long form video will be added a text-driven blog post (for SEO optimization)
  • The short form videos will be shared over three weeks on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • The short form videos will be shared to Instagram Stories
  • The short form videos may be shared to Pinterest
  • Bonus Repurposing Ideas (if applicable):
    • Create a podcast episode synthesizing lessons and learnings
    • Create a newsletter synthesizing lessons and learnings and link to the YouTube video

This isn't fancy, but it's a start. And sometimes just starting is the hardest part.

I'm sharing this with you because I want you to know: (1) Content creation takes a lot of work; (2) It's awkward starting from scratch; and (3) I'm experimenting and keeping my costs low until I know this idea works.

When you see a not-so-fancy video being dropped in my newsletter soon, you'll be able to say, “I saw her struggle, I saw her try, I saw her grow.”

I can't wait to say the same about you.

Not the Science Guy,


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