How To Create a Demand For a New Product Or Service

You just launched a revolutionary product product and you can’t wait for the sales to start rolling in.

Or maybe you released a new service that no one else in your area is offering, and you’re so excited for your audience to see it.

You post, you pray, and what happens?


*I’m sorry boo, I’ve been there and I understand your frustration.*

When I first launched Social Curator, there was NOTHING like it in the market. I was paving a new path, launching something unheard of, and I had no one to look up to.

>>Making my way through uncharted waters also meant that my audience needed to be educated on what I was selling.<<

You see friend, when it comes to creating demand for a new product or service *heck, it doesn’t even have to be new, it might just be something old with a new spin on it*: Education is key.

So how do we educate our audience? We do it through emphasizing pain and pleasure.

People ALWAYS buy from pain or pleasure. This means that you are either positioning your product or service as the thing that solves their problem or the vehicle to get what they want.

To demonstrate my point, let’s look at two examples for both service and product-based business, shall we? *Here we go, boo boo!*

Branding Photography

Pain: Do you want more business?

Business owners always want more business so this is a great way to speak to your ideal client’s deep desire. When asking them if they want more business, you are highlighting their pain, which you can then follow up with agitating, validating, and solving it.

Pleasure: Imagine becoming an industry authority…

In order to build demand for branding photography, sell the aspiration of someone who would want or need to be an industry authority. To become an industry authority, you need people to know like and trust you and you do that with professional photography.

Skincare Product

Pain: Do you want smoother, younger-looking skin?

Drawing attention to smoother, younger-looking skin reminds your ideal customer of their insecurities around their skin. Now, you are perfectly positioned to help them solve that problem!

Pleasure: How would you feel if you looked 10 years younger?

This paints a picture that anyone would love: beauty. Having your audience envision this younger version of themselves allows your business to step in and make it come true with your product.

Do you see how this marketing technique would make your ideal client JUMP at the opportunity to work with you or buy your product?

>>Your ideal client is waiting for their problem to be solved or their dreams to come true and your business has to be the guide to get them there.<<

If you have thoughts, questions, or comments, I would love to connect with you buttercup. Drop them in the comments below this post!

Let’s take the pain out of doing business alone and put the pleasure in it by filling our cup with connections.