How to Create Your Ideal Client Profile

I realized I need to know who I was marketing my business to before I could actually GROW my business.

So I created an Ideal Client Profile.

  • This person was my dream customer

  • This was a person I wanted to attract.

  • This was the person I wanted to work with.

The minute I knew who I was trying to market my business to, everything changed.

My marketing improved, it was easier to know what to say on social media, and I booked amazing clients!

So this is my invitation to join me at 12pm PST TOMORROW here on my FB Page for a live chat as I walk you through step-by-step how to create your Ideal Client Profile so you can have a clear plan of how to grow your business with the right customers, once you know precisely who they are.

If you have a preliminary question or can't be there live, leave it here and I'll be sure to answer it!