How to Get Exposure for Your Business (for FREE!)

I make no joke with how uncool I am.  I’m as dorky as they come, so it was no surprise I had no idea who Flava Flav was.  I was like, who IS this guy and why is he wearing so many clocks?!

If you have no idea who I’m talking about, let me fill you in:  Flav earned his reputation by being a hype man to Public Enemy.  Before concerts, parties, or basically any social situation, Flav was known to get people excited and interested in what was coming next.

At the start of any event, he'd walk into a room and announce himself by shouting “FLAVA FLAAAAAAAV!!!”

Why am I talking about Flava Flav?  Because as entrepreneurs, we all need a little Flav in our lives.  We need to get people excited to hear more about what we’re selling, right?  We want them to want to know more about our businesses, but we can’t come out and say it like that.

The best way to create excitement is to position yourself as an authority in your field who’s willing to share your valuable insight with people. 

I suggest emailing magazine editors, podcasters, and industry bloggers, pitching them a story that benefits their audience.  Offer your time and insight as a value to their content creation process.  Find ways to share your unique perspective and experience with their audience to extend your business reach.  

The more people who discover your valuable insight, the easier it’ll be to point them back to your business.

So that’s your assignment.  Please fill in the blanks as a way to attract your dream customers by being a valuable content-driven resource…

Topics I am Confident Sharing with a New Audience

  • Three Blogs I Will Pitch my Story to
  • Three Podcasts I Will Pitch my Story to
  • Three Magazines/e-Zines I will Pitch my Story to