How to Find Your Dream Collaboration

Hey, can we collaborate together?

If you answered YES, let’s chat about how to create epic collaborations. If you answered NO, keep reading anyway, because I want to help guarantee how to land collaborations that will change your business!

But in case you’re anything like me, you might be thinking, “Sure, Jasmine, this sounds like a fine idea, but I just don’t have time to hang out in-person or with an online group when I just need to build my business.” 

To which I respond: Listen, I know what it feels like to evaluate time. We often weigh time against how long it’d take to make a healthy breakfast or just microwave a Hot Pocket *oh, c’mon, I’m not the only one who’s done this!*, or getting extra sleep versus going on a run.

>>Time is the most precious thing to us…so we protect it, often wondering if we’re spending it the right way.<<

So I get it when business owners debate whether it’s WORTH IT to participate in Facebook groups, reach out to other small businesses on LinkedIn, or organize a giveaway on Instagram.

I totally understand WHY people feel this way, but I quickly learned that that feeling isn’t as important as ACTION.

It’s when we take action that we can find out what’s working and how we can create more wins along the way.

In fact, I've seen my business and the businesses of Social Curator members grow the most and the fastest as a result of collaborating, so I'm a huge fan of creating win-wins for everyone involved… And today I want to teach you EXACTLY how to find people to collaborate with to benefit YOUR business.

I recommend collaborating frequently, like once a quarter or even once a month if you can make it happen. So how, exactly, could you organize a collaboration of your own? Allow me to teach you!

Step 1: Brainstorm Types of Businesses That Work With Your Ideal Client

A win-win collaboration with another business owner will help BOTH of you make more sales or get more followers… so you need to have the same customer!

Make a list of 5-10 people/businesses who are working with your ideal client, then you’re ready to move on to step two. 

For example, if you’re a boutique owner that sells clothes for young women, other businesses that serve the same demographic may be makeup artists, nail salons, life coaches, or hair stylists.

Step Two: Find People and/or Businesses You'd Like to Collaborate With

If you’re a Social Curator member, I definitely welcome you to comment on our weekly Collaboration Thread to connect, network, and collaborate with other business owners in the Facebook Community.

But if you’re not in Social Curator, you can still find your dream collaboration on social media!

  • On Instagram, start by searching for hashtags within your industry that other business owners may use.
  • On LinkedIn, check out your friend’s connections to see if anyone appears to be within your industry.
  • On Facebook, search through some industry-specific Facebook Groups!

Step Three: Get Collaborating

Finally, once you have found a few business owners you could potentially collaborate with, contact them and come up with a mutually beneficial collaboration idea…. And then DO it!

For 10 collaboration ideas to spark inspiration for your next collaboration and a checklist to help keep your efforts on track, download my FREE guide: How to Collaborate with Another Business Owner.

I can’t WAIT to see how you take these tips to elevate your brand, increase your sales, build relationships, and create win-win opportunities for you and another business owner.

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