How to Get Over Perfectionism

I met with a group of business owners recently, friend. The more we spoke, the more I noticed a recurring pattern in conversation: The desire to show only perfect depictions of our businesses.

Things like:

  • “I can’t share this until it’s perfect” or
  • “I just need a little more time before it’s ready to be shown” or
  • “Just a few more tweaks, then it’ll be perfect.”

But what is PERFECT? Let’s break this down, shall we? Perfection is an illusion. As in, it doesn’t exist.

>>Perfection is entirely subjective and no matter how hard you try, someone will think it’s awful.<<

Your projects, dreams, or launches don’t have to be perfect before you share them with the world…just release it, and fix it along the way.

There’s no such thing as perfect, and the sooner we acknowledge this as truth, the quicker we’ll be able to step into the world owning our public displays of growth, power, and idea-fixing along the way.

I’ve come to believe that perfection isn’t achievable, but the more we create, work, and amend, the closer we get to sharing our purpose with the world.

>>It’s time to dust off those imperfect ideas and projects. You must share them, Buttercup, because the sooner you do, the more time you have to fix them along the way.<<

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Your time to shine has come, friend.