How To Get Personal On Social Media Without Making It Awkward

Have you ever read a post on Facebook that made you feel stumped or confused, and you wondered why someone posted THAT post? Has it stopped you from sharing something personal because you don’t wanna make things awkward in the same way?

We’ve all been there, but there’s a way to get personal on social media without making it awkward. The truth is, sharing your story on social media personalizes your business. And when you get personal with your followers, you don’t just have passive scrollers, you have raving fans that support your business long-term.

Unless you have a patented product, there are other people who do exactly what you do. And I’ll venture to say that not only do they do what you do, but they do it better and even cheaper.

So why will someone drive farther, wait longer, or pay more to get what you sell?  YOU. The more people know, like, and trust you, there is a higher likelihood of them becoming a customer because they relate to you like no one else.

Now that you know WHY you should be vulnerable on social media, let’s talk about HOW, boo boo.

  • At first, test getting vulnerable with one specific topic.

If you start with many different topics, it could be confusing to your audience as you introduce these sides of you. Choose just one topic in the beginning to warm your audience up to this new, vulnerable part of your brand.

  • Make a commitment to post at least 4 times about that topic…. And test those efforts.

A lot of people will say to me, “I tried getting personal and nobody responded.” Girl, you can’t just post this once and then rule it out! You have to carefully test those results and make an educated decision to continue implementing the strategy or to change it all together.

  • Speak your truth.

The moment you’re speaking about something that doesn’t come from the deepest, truest part of you, people will smell it. Boo, people know when you’re not being real and you’re not speaking your truth! Don’t be everything to everyone, go deep with the people who came to this party and forget the rest.

  • Include big ideas, but avoid fluffy details.

When you share something personal on social media, don’t include all of the details that do not push the story forward. Our job as business professionals is to bring people on a journey but not tire them out! Give them a peak into your personal life from a professional perspective.

Getting personal builds a brand, which is the opposite of selling. I believe the strongest influencers, business owners, and thought purveyors create a brand. Your brand is how you make people feel, and what they say about you when you walk out of the room. Are you ready to get personal with your followers and create raving fans?