The Secret To Selling Physical Products On Social Media

Do you remember Coolio's “Gangster Paradise,” the rap song that played in the background of Michelle Pfeiffer's movie, Dangerous Minds?

Okay, now remove that memory and replace it with flannel shirts, fair-trade coffee, and mustache-growing guys working on typewriters. While recycling their cups.

Y’all I went to a HIPSTER'S PARADISE: Portland, Oregon!

Recently I traveled to speak with Betsy Cross, co-owner, founder, and designer of Betsy and Iya, a lovely hand-made jewelry store and curator of quality goods ranging from home decor and clothes to wedding gifts and bath and body products.

I came to understand:

  • Why I was attracted to their business in the first place,
  • Ask how they are selling on social media, and
  • How long does it to take to convert a follower into a customer?


When we arrived to Betsy and Iya, it was beautiful and perfectly on brand. My first thought was that everything you see online translates to the store… A good sign, for sure.

After speaking with Betsy herself and her marketing coordinator Laurie, ya’ll my jaw hit the floor! I learned from this ever-amazing team that it takes about 3 months of someone following them before they actually come into the store. They told me they’ve come to realize they don’t depend on social media for the sale, they depend on it for awareness. That’s the key!

Here I am, talking to a business owner who’s very well branded with an established business and a physical location, and Betsy says that although social media is a game changer because they’re able to connect with people, it isn’t the thing that drives their sales.

Laurie even said, “Authenticity is what we’re obsessed with. So just be yourself, don’t be a perfect cookie-cutter account! We find people respond best when Betsy is gushing about something or we post what we think is funny or cool.”

Drop. the. mic.

Authenticity, connectivity, and consistency doesn’t necessarily lead to the sale, it leads to humanizing their brand. Once the brand is humanized, then and only then do they get people to walk in the door.

This was crazy to me to realize social media can lead to sales but it really leads to awareness. It’s the opportunity to present your business to someone again and again, which may eventually lead someone online or to walk in the door to purchase.

Friend, take it from Betsy and Iya: don’t rely on social media for the sale. Rely on it for real, deep connections with people who care about your business so that over time you build awareness and ultimately get the sale that you desire.