How to Optimize Your Website to Attract Dream Customers: Your Website Questions Answered

I use the Question Box feature on Instagram Stories because it's a great way to get ideas on how to create content followers actually want to see.

After all, my Instagram account is in service of their needs because I use my account to market my business!

I receive countless inquiries in that Question Box, but one hot topic I've been recently asked about is WEBSITES.

Rather than answer their question in a DM and move on, I decided to take it one step further and make a video about a few questions as they related to websites.

**I’ve always heard that if you have a question, someone else probably has the same one!**

Let’s start with Malind’s question: “What pronouns should businesses use on their website?”

The good news is that it is up to you, buttercup! There is absolutely no right or wrong answer. However, there are a few things to consider while making your decision.

  • First, using personal pronouns such as “I” personalizes the experience. I prefer this approach, because readers become immediately connected to me and it feels like we're having a real conversation
  • On the other hand, you may decide to use the word “We” on your website instead. This is great if your business is made up of a team, or is in a corporate structure.
  • Finally, you can always remove all references from a personal perspective and shift that attention to the viewer with the pronoun “You.” This approach is entirely centric on the customer and it encourages them to think about why they are on the website to begin with.

>>The most important thing to remember is to write content on your website and social platforms that you believe best resonates with your viewers.<<

Next, Masalsi asked: “Is a website a must when we have social media?”

On March 13th, Instagram and Facebook went down for the entire day. For many entrepreneurs, business just…stopped. My friend, THAT is a scary place to be.

If social media suddenly goes down forever, your followers will not mean anything then!

With a website, you always have a place to sell directly to your consumer and capture their data to send email follow-ups, newsletters, notes of appreciation, and gather their feedback.

>>The minute your business is built on somebody else's platform, you're forever beholden to them.<<

Finally, Sarah asked: “Should I have two different websites for my wedding and interior design business?”

The short answer is yes.

Customers need to quickly understand who you are, what you do, and how you can best serve them. If your website is confusing or it doesn't immediately fit their needs, unfortunately they will NOT stay for long.

>>The thing to remember is if the end consumer is different for your product or service, then it's in your best interest to separate your websites.<<

Who you are servicing really depends on what they want to see in order for them to feel special, seen, and known.

Boss, I wish you all the best as you build your businesses with an amazing website. I hope you know I’m always just a Question Box away to helping you in any way I can to build a life you love.