How to Overcome Rejection and Increase Sales

99 times out of a hundred, they will say, “No.”

Let me back up for a moment…

Every time you ask for a sale, I want you to assume they’re going to say, “No.”

Okay. Why in the world would I WANT you to do that? 

Here’s why: it removes the sting, and it sets an expectation. Let’s dig a little deeper.

If somebody says, “No,” what’s the best way to bounce back and not quit?

How to Overcome Rejection and Increase Sales

What you want to do is focus on these three things:

  1. Was there anything I could have learned from the way that I approached?

Did I come across with conviction?

Did I really believe in what it was?

  1. Was the timing of your ask right? 

Everyone will say, “No,” a thousand times a day. The thing you must focus on is, was the no about your offer or was it just not the right time?

  1. Ask yourself what you could do better in the future.

If the objective is to get used to somebody saying, “No,” why not role-play or practice your pitch with a friend? 

Have your friend say, “No!” so often that it lessens the sting when you hear it. 

Often times the fear of hearing NO is so strong few people even ask.

Some stay stuck because it’s hard asking for what you want.

It’s time to change that… Are you willing to get 99 NOs before you get to 1 YES? I know you can! In fact, I’ve got a sales formula you can start using to get you closer to what you really want… Sales!

We’ve got to get one myth out of the way first (Tell me if you can relate): I used to think that if my product or service was good, it would sell. Period.

I never imagined that how I spoke about my business on social media would greatly affect whether or not potential customers would hand over their credit card. 

*And thinking I would need to create a “sales strategy?” Forget it!*

I was always taught the “build it, and they will come” mentality.

While I think there is a lot of truth to the idea, it simply isn’t enough to stand alone.

It didn’t take me long to realize that if I wanted to make sales on social media, I couldn’t just post about the books I was reading, the lattés I was drinking, and the walks I was taking… 

>>I had to show up with a plan.<<

And once I did, the results were unmistakable. 

I was getting more DMs, more website traffic, and more sales as a direct result of my social media captions.

If you have ever felt like other people are using social media to sell their product or service but no matter what you do you just can’t seem to convert your followers into customers, I have the solution!

I’m going to teach you the BEST 4-part sales formula to infuse into your social media captions to sell your product or service. 

Ready to start taking notes? Let’s dive in!

My favorite sales formula is P.A.D.S.: Problem, Agitation, Discredit, Solution. Let’s break it down.

Problem is when you identify the problem that your product or service solves for your Ideal Client.

Next, is Agitation, where you lean into how your Ideal Client is feeling as a result of that problem — whether it be overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion, or anything else.

The third piece is Discredit, when you discuss other solutions to the problem that your Ideal Client may have tried and why they didn’t work.

Finally, Solution is when you present your product or service as the perfect way out of their current situation, addressing: 

  • How it solves their problem, 
  • Why it’s better than everything else they’ve tried, and 
  • How they’ll feel after purchasing your product or using your service. 

Then, tell them what action you’d like them to take, like visiting your website, booking a call, or sending you a DM.

There you have it: P.A.D.S., Problem, Agitation, Discredit, Solution.

Remember, one sale can change your life and change your business. Get to the 99 no’s to get to your one, “YES!”
If you’d like to read a caption example of this sales formula, learn other helpful formulas, and get help implementing it all for your next social media caption, be sure to download my free workbook, How to Write Captions That Sell.

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