How to Take Better Instagram Photos in a Coffee Shop

Can you believe we're enjoying the best parts of Fall?  I hope the start of autumn has been filled with beautiful memories, deep breaths, and warm beverages in the chilly months…yummmm, just thinking of coffee, spiced lattes, and cider makes me happy!

Speaking of that, I'm sending you a behind-the-scenes look at how I photograph my social media photos in a coffee shop.

This video walks you through how I photograph social media photos at a coffee shop by finding the best light.
Exif data: 50mm f/2.0 1/160 ISO 250
Camera: Canon 5DMIII

Be sure to download this free stock photo and use however you want on social media.  

Remember:  I want you on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/________ (fill in the blank) starting conversations and being active on social media as a way to grow your business.

Rock it out.  I believe in you.

P.S.  This month's Social Curator Action Plan is filled with fall-inspired photos,15 captions to help you know what to say on social media, and Hooray for Hashtags (the ultimate guide for finding the best Instagram hashtags for your business).  I hope you download it from Social Curator today!