Instagram Announced a NEW Algorithm…here’s how I’m using it for my business

Soooo…did you hear?  Instagram announced a NEW algorithm a couple of days ago.

Now before you band your head (repeatedly) on your desk, I have good news:  the algorithm is a beauty!!!

The biggest change with this algorithm is that Instagram is being VERY open about what's new, what's changed, and debunking myths.

I've been OBSESSED with it and learning how to leverage it for my business.

And I shared everything I know in a LIVE class – “How to Unlock the Secrets of the New Instagram Algorithm”

I explained how to…

  • make the algorithm work FOR you!
  • how to easily post consistently so Instagram shows your posts first!
  • how to plan+create your posts in advance, so it saves you TIME!

I also hosted a LIVE Q+A, so as we gab about our businesses, our marketing strategies, and if I need to watch the Bachlorette this season.  😉

I was honored to share my insights, but–more importantly–synthesizing how we can rise to the tippity top of the new Instagram in >>this video<<!