Tips for How to Host a Facebook Live


I made the choice to start going live on Facebook once a week a year ago. It was awkward and I was nervous. But I knew the importance of going live and the more I showed up despite that discomfort, the better results I saw.
Whether you show up faithfully every week or you have yet to muster the courage to press the button and go live, I wanted to share some tips to help you get more people to show up for your next Facebook live video.

Announce your live on Facebook the day before – I typically publish a post 24 hours prior to my weekly live video. I share the date and time of the live and open up the conversation for questions that I can answer live the next day. Not only does this give me topics of conversation but it includes the audience so it feels more like an engaging conversation than the one-sided dialogue it is.
Create a Facebook event – While you aren’t going to want to do this for every Facebook live video, it does make sense to use this strategically. If you’re featuring a guest speaker or delivering content your audience has been chomping at the bit to learn, posting one of your weekly lives as a monthly event is a great way to generate attention.
Announce it via your newsletter- Aside from all of the information and valuable content you already deliver via email, this is the perfect opportunity to inform those you’re connected with. I generally say something along the lines of “P.S. join me for a Facebook live tomorrow at (time)” with a link to my Facebook page. The perk is that you might even gain a follower or two who might not be connected with you on Facebook.

Another thing I do is show up live every week on the SAME day. This will help your followers know when and where to expect to connect with you.
By going live on a regular basis, you’re going to want to evaluate what your audience wants to see. Every like, love, comment indicates what they want you to deliver. Pay attention because this is the key to getting them to come back.
This is the formula I follow when going live on Facebook. I’m not attached to the results, I’m constantly evaluating and letting my audience speak to me so I can show up in the way I can best serve them.  If you wanna join me midweek, you can see me live on my Facebook page.
Remember, it’s what we do consistently that yields results. So if you only get a 1% increase in views from one week to the next, that my friend, is progress!
Here’s to showing up even when you feel awkward and delivering what your audience wants you to serve.  If you’d like to download my FREE Facebook Live Checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared to go LIVE, you can download it >>HERE<<.