This Idea of Business Perfection…meh?

We sat around in groups and talked about our businesses. A couple of days ago, I connected with entrepreneurs, most of whom love what we do…despite the pitfalls that come our way.

The more we spoke, the more I noticed a reoccurring pattern in conversation: The desire to show only perfect depictions of our businesses or products.
So let’s break this down, shall we? Perfection is an illusion. As in, it doesn’t exist.
Perfection is entirely subjective and no matter how hard you try, someone will think it’s awful.
And they’ll probably leave an anonymous YouTube comment saying as much.

Your projects, dreams, launches don’t have to be perfect before you share them with the world…just release it, and fix it along the way.
You will grow more, succeed faster, and stick out from the competition if you’re willing to wave your flag of imperfection.

In fact, people might even admire you for such a rare (and brave) move.
Today I admitted to embracing new beginnings and business pivots detached from the notion of perfection. Why?
Because I’ve come to believe we bet on the captain, we don’t depend on the yacht.
So, bet on yourself, Captain. Your time has come.