My 25-Minute Morning Routine

“Look good, feel good, do good.”

That’s my motto! 

>>As a busy entrepreneur, I might not leave the house every day, but getting ready each day helps set the stage for a successful day of work!<<

And while I’m a true believer that making an effort to get ready every day is important, I’m also a true hustler when it comes to running a business, which is why I need a FAST morning routine so I can get right to work without looking like I just rolled out of bed.

>>Here’s a look at how I get ready in 25 minutes each morning and what I use to make getting ready quick, easy, and fabulous.<< 

*Note: this post contains affiliate links to some of my FAVORITE time-saving products from Amazon! I receive a small commission if you shop using these links.*


Yes, I do my hair every day. No, I do NOT wash it every day. *Praise sweet baby Jesus for dry shampoo!*

I go 2-3 days between washes, and this Redken dry shampoo powder saves my sanity and my Latina locks. I have lots of thin, fine hair, but this stuff doesn’t weigh it down one bit!

Next, I throw in a few curls with this Hot Tools curling iron to spruce up my hair in 13 minutes flat. *Yes, I’ve timed myself!* I’ve used a lot of curling irons in my day, but this one is by far my favorite. I love how it gives my hair some shine! 


I’ll admit it, I’m OBSESSED with lashes. I gotta have ‘em! 

I love how lashes can make an entire look *pop*. All I have to do is apply some powder and blush on my face and then add lashes for a quick way to make a natural look a bit more glamorous in a flash. I use this lash glue to make sure my lashes stay put all day long without irritation!


If you’ve tuned in to any of my live videos on Facebook or Instagram, chances are you’ve seen my favorite outfit staples: rock band shirts and hats. Both can be easily dressed up or down, which I loooove.

Because a girl’s gotta have options *I gotchu, boo!*, here are a few of my go-to favorites:


I finish my morning routine with the breakfast of champions: coffee. I’m a bit of a coffee snob, so I use this French press for maximum flavor. The best part? It brews to perfection in less than five minutes. 

On the days where I need more than just coffee, I like to make myself a healthy smoothie. *OK, so I have JD make me a smoothie, but you get my point!* He adds this protein powder to my smoothie for a non-caffeinated boost.

I’m always on the move, so whether I’m shuffling between rooms in our apartment or off to speaking engagements, I like to put my drinks in this tumbler. Not only does it keep my drinks hot or cold, but the saying on the mug is PERFECT for me. *Click on this link and you’ll see what I mean!*

There you have it, friend. I hope you enjoyed this inside look at how I get ready in 25 minutes every morning!

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