Practical Advice for Building a Personal Brand

I had the honor of speaking with Melyssa Griffin‘s mastermind group in Los Angeles. We spoke about my branding journey, the mistakes, the mishaps, and the successes along the way.

Melyssa and I are in a mastermind together, so when she asked me to speak to the mastermind SHE HERSELF HOSTS, I was tickled pink.  She's one of the kindest and sweetest souls around.

I was invited to give Practical Advice for Building a Personal Brand, so it was a blast to connect with this all-female group of entrepreneurs!  At the end I answered questions about how I plan/create/post branded content on social media and whether businesses need separate social accounts to build their brand.

This video is a highlight of my session…

:15 Intro and explanation of how I met Melyssa
:47 The backstory of my journey with branding
1:54 Starting my first blog…and why it's still an important piece of my business
2:34 How I built my business to stick out in a sea of talented competitors
3:10 What is YOUR Plan for Greatness?
3:43 What are the three main things you need to accomplish with your brand?
5:01 The most successful entrepreneurs do THIS ONE THING
5:15 Admitting what it it means to be publicly ridiculed
6:11 When you feel fearful but all you want is to feel fearless
6:45 What is means to not be the best at what you do
7:07 “How to keep posting on social media consistent?” – Julie Solomon
8:26 “Do you post in real time on social media?”
8:46 “What if you have multiple products that don't necessary cross over into different parts of your business on social media?” – Susie Moore

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