Proven LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

I’ve got a little secret, boo boo, and it might surprise you!

>>LinkedIn is NOT just for job seekers and corporate America!<<

If you’re wanting to connect with more customers, this seemingly unlikely marketing platform should be your new best friend.

I dove headfirst into learning the best-kept secrets of LinkedIn and I am SHOOK, so of course I have to share them with you!

Here’s a map to my growth leading to thousands of connections with prospective customers on LinkedIn…and you can use these same strategies to grow your own business!


1. Use hooks to stop someone from scrolling. 

Use words at the beginning of your posts that resonate with your ideal client. By creating content for people who self-identify as the audience you’re speaking to, there is an increased likelihood that they will engage with you.

2. Ask an engaging question.

Engagement is HUGE, especially on LinkedIn. When someone comments on your post, that post is then shared to their followers, so asking questions that get people to respond will trigger the algorithm to expand your post’s reach.

3. Test the length of your posts.

Think of LinkedIn as a micro-blogging platform and/or a long-form Twitter account. 

By that, I mean write articles that aren’t as long as a blog post but lengthy enough to get your point across so your content can be tested. Write an article or update your status to share personal thoughts and ideas that are related to your business. A little personality really differentiates your posts from other content! 


1. Don’t post outside links.

LinkedIn wants users spending as much time as possible in the app, and rightly so. Treat LinkedIn as its own hosting platform for videos by uploading files directly to the app rather than linking content elsewhere.

2. Contextualize your content.


Don’t just copy and paste the same content from your Facebook or Instagram account and put it on LinkedIn. Post similar content, but repurpose it specifically for LinkedIn so your audience feels like it is tailor-made for THEM. Even a 3% overall change to the original post will make a huge difference!


1. Comment on industry leader’s and dream customer’s content.

>>If social media interactions are an online introduction to somebody else on behalf of your business, then comments are like a digital handshake!<<

Create meaningful and thoughtful responses *more than 4 words* on other people’s posts, status updates, and even direct messages.  

2. Respond to every comment that is left on your post.

When you give the type of engagement you want to get, you’re intentionally creating relationships and inadvertently triggering the algorithm. When you comment on someone’s post, their post will show up on your feed, and when they turn around and comment on your post, your post will show up on their feed.

*Are you still with me, Buttercup?!*

Remember to give, give, give before you ever expect anything in return. 

Friend, over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time developing my strategy on LinkedIn, and I’ve found that these methods are the most fruitful.

>>There’s just a few people using these marketing strategies, so those who do are going to set themselves apart.<<

It’s important to know that there are a lot of people spending time on this platform and the organic reach on LinkedIn is at an all-time high.

*In other words, it’s time to view LinkedIn as an online networking party, so get out there and start perfecting your virtual handshake!*

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