Question: Should I have two Instagram accounts?


If you've ever struggled with the question of whether you should have two Instagram accounts for your business, this post is for you. I received the following email from Joanie (not her real name)…

“I was emailing to see if I could bother you about a dilemma I'm having with my Instagram account. I've been a photographer for about 7 years now. Recently, I've started a lifestyle blog that I have big plans for in 2018 and…I've already had a few sponsorships and affiliate opportunities through this blog.

That said, I'm confused about what to do for my Instagram. My photography business used to be my name, but I recently changed it to X Studios because I've expanded this past year to two locations and have brought in an Associate Photographer to handle all shoots in one location as well as a new Office Manager. As such, I didn't want the business to be just my name. I wanted it to be more modern and less confusing for those who are clients assigned to my Associate.
I'm confused as to whether or not I should have two separate Instagram accounts – one for X Studios and one for my lifestyle blog, or if I should keep it in one.
I'm personally wanting to keep it as one because the thought of managing two accounts makes me feel exhausted.  I'm just wanting your take as an Insta-expert, photographer, and outsider to my account. If there's something you think I could do better, please let me know.”

My answer is quite simple to say, but, perhaps, not so easy to hear.

If you're using your Instagram for business, you want/need to view your account like a sales catalogue.  (Yes, we're having a throw back to Sears, friends!)  Your catalogue should showcase what you're about, how you help, and what you sell.  Period.

Sure, other posts can be sprinkled in, but the goal is to give a CLEAR explanation of what you provide.

The minute you add more things to the mix, it may appear like a hot mess cake.

Joanie is ultimately selling two things:  photography (by her and by associates) and her lifestyle blog.  While there could be business overlap, she could really confuse new followers.  When you are trying to grow two different businesses (like Joanie), I suggest having two accounts.

This doesn't mean it's impossible or wrong to have one account, it just means you'll have a harder time getting an influx of new followers because the account content will have so many different posts without a clear vision.

If you're unsure if you should have two Instagram accounts, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Am I trying to build two separate businesses?
  • Am I trying to attract two different customers to each Instagram account?
  • Will posting about both businesses on one account confuse new followers?


 The answers to these questions will help uncover the right path for you.