She Asked Me: How Do You Stay Motivated?


She ended her email with the following: “How did you stay motivated when you were first starting out? I’m trying so hard not to quit my whole business and run into a cave…”

I have to be honest: Staying motivated when I first started my business isn’t much different than staying motivated in my business 11 years later.

There are days when I feel on top of the world (moments when I wanna cap my teeth in solid gold and pop bottles like a rapper on a yacht)…and there are days when I feel like an utter failure (and the only bottles I’m popping is Pepto Bismol).

But the thing that keeps me tethered to my dream is the belief that I’m a fighter.  I wrestle with Doubt, I flail against Fear, and I’ve come back against the odds.  Again and again.

I stay motivated by my ability to be the underdog…and find a way to win.

I win not by luck, fortune, or fate, but by sheer will to take whatever I have (however little that may be), and

And this?  The sheer will to continue fighting?  This is something we all possess.

How do you stay motivated?  FIGHT ON.