Is This the Worst Decision Everrrrr?

Palms sweaty, my finger hovered over the Buy button. Sitting at my computer all I could wonder was OH EMM GEE IS THIS THE WORST DECISION EVER??

But lemme backup a second and explain how I got there.

Perhaps I should start with my professional crush, Gary Vaynerchuk.

  • I’m inspired by his knowledge of the digital media and how hard he works
  • I’m in awe of his ability to be unapologetically in-your-face about his opinions
  • I’m impressed by the way he genuinely cares about his followers’ success
  • Yes, my husband is fully aware of my crush 😉


So you can imagine my delight when Gary’s company, VaynerMedia, announced a new educational program for entrepreneurs. One day, 10 students, and a deep-dive into your business…and a Q+A session with Gary.

Then I died.

But I resurrected in time to get more information and died (again) when I saw the pricetag.


No way.



Can I afford it?

Is it worth it?

Somewhere in between the dying and resurrecting (to be fair, it was Easter week), I spent two weeks agonizing over my decision.

And this brings us back to this part of the story: OH EMM GEE IS THIS THE WORST DECISION EVER??

So, here’s what I decided to do: I invested in the program…and I’m leaving to New York City.

I’m scared, nervous, and worry I’ll stick out due to the Imposter Syndrome letterman’s jacket I wear in new social environments. Is this TMI? Am I babbling from awkwardness?

Nevermind, don’t answer that. I know the answer is unequivocally yes.

But I’m writing this letter as a way to bring you on this journey with me. Sometimes social media has a way of making a situation appear one way (“Going to NYC to hang out with @GaryVee today! #blessed), but the truth is always a little more complex.

The truth reveals fear, doubt, and insecurity in embarrassingly authentic ways, but I want to invite you in to share this moment with me as I learn and grow. Why? Because I can’t wait to share everything I learned and continue to move us closer to our wildest dreams and passions.