Should I Scale My Business with an App: My Meeting With Gary Vaynerchuk

Have you ever wondered what advice Gary Vee would give you if he was able to assess your business?

>>This is a video of one such moment, thanks to a meeting I had about how to scale my business with Gary Vaynerchuk.<<

When I walked into the office, my legs shook, my palms sweated, and I stuttered…but I felt incredibly fortunate to thank him for the impact he’s had on my business. And life.

I’m not the most vocal of his fans, but I consume everything ( Gary Vee creates…partly because he’s one of the most forward-thinking business minds, and party because he loves himself in such a way that you can’t help but love yourself more too.

I invested in five minutes of his time (literally) to get my question answered and it was worth every penny. In that time, he confirmed the direction I want to move Social Curator in.

I'm sharing this moment because I vowed to bring people on my 2019 journey of becoming a CEO. I spent over a decade being an entrepreneur, but as my life (and decisions) changes, I want to showcase the awkward, amazing, disappointing, exciting, and hopeful moments as they unfold.

I'm voluntarily making myself uncomfortable by sharing this behind-the-scenes look of my meeting with Gary Vaynerchuck because I want to–one day–look back and say, “Hey, friends, we did it…that crazy, impossible thing we wanted? We made it happen!”

I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I can say I'm hopeful and thankful to be on this journey with you. To hear Gary Vaynerchuk’s game-changing advice on how to scale Social Curator, watch the video below.