So rude…I mean, really?

The room thundered, like a lightning bolt struck the center of the room and fissures ricocheted from the walls.

I walked off stage and JD grabbed me by the shoulders and whispered, Being in that room felt like we were in a shaken bottle of champagne…

I was invited to speak on Brendon Burchard’s stage for his coaching program and as I stared into a dark conference room of 500 attendees, the air sparked.

Speaking to life coaches charged the event in a way I’ve never–ever–experienced. Not only are life coaches as high on their own supply, they’re high on, well, LIFE.

As the keynote ended and the Q+A session came to a close, a woman raised her hand and asked:


The energy shifted and I paused.  I’m 50% Holy/50% Hood, so I debated how to answer (brass knuckles and asking someone to hold my hoop earrings didn’t seem appropriate).

Instead, I shared my three-part framework for dealing with rude comments:

  1. Do I think the comment is rooted in vitriol, falsities, and/or hate?
    1. If yes, I delete it. (I ain’t got time for that trash, buh bye!).
    2. If not, I move to my second consideration.
  2. Do I want to respond?
    1. If not, I don’t. I don’t mind leaving comments if they disagree or oppose my opinion, as long as they’re respectful to all followers.
    2. If yes, I move to my third consideration.
  3. Can I respond using only facts, with a clear reason WHY I’m responding?
    1. If yes, I create a responsive reply, not a reactive reply. The difference between the two is that one is rooted in emotion…and emotion gets messy on social media. If I respond using logic, facts, and respect, I believe both parties will be in a better place.

Do I hope rude or negative comments come your way?  Yeah, I do. When someone disagrees with your point of view, you’ve ARRIVED.  Your perspective is worthy of someone’s opinion, time and attention…three of the most valuable assets online.

You won.  Congrats.

Flip your hair back, check your nails, and air-kiss the haters. Wherever you’re reading this, I hope you find yourself in the middle of a shaken bottle of champagne.



P.S. If I were to host a small mastermind in early 2023, would you be interested in joining? Let me know >>here<<!