The Best Instagram + Facebook Advice Starts With ONE

It’s time to flip the script, boo. While others can brag about getting 10k followers, I’m a fan of getting ONE.AT.A.TIME.

I’m a huge fan of slow, authentic, organic growth.

  • I never want to go viral.
  • I don’t wanna be popular.
  • I’m don’t aspire to be an influencer.

I am here to connect and serve you well.

>>When people ask for my best social media advice, this is all I got: GO DEEP, NOT WIDE.<<

So how do you build engagement organically while building real, genuine relationships?

  1. Take time to respond to every comment. Think of Instagram as a Cocktail Party… If someone walked up to you and said, “Love your shoes!” you wouldn’t just look at them and walk away, right? Speak to your followers like you would in person.
  2. Give the engagement you want to get. This means if you want people to leave a comment, go leave 10! So many people complain about their lack of engagement but never share the IG love on other people’s posts. The algorithm isn’t out to get you, boo.
  3. Read someone’s caption and offer a thoughtful response. Have you ever received a comment that is just a string of random emojis and thought, “How do I respond to that?” or better yet, “Is that a bot?” Don’t be that commenter, friend! Start real conversations. 

I show up on Instagram and Facebook live every single week. Not for thousands, but I talk to ONE person.

>>This type of engagement shows people that I care, that I’m real, and more than anything it changes the relationship between me and my followers because my business leads with value and service.<<

When you connect with people, share your time, and give your insight, it proves you’re there for them…not just you.

Do you agree? Ready to start creating connections one by one? Leave a comment on this post and let me know if you found this strategy helpful!