The Brandologists : A four-week branding series on Facebook Live

I'm a big fan of bad ideas, things that don't make sense, and trying something new.  As a creative entrepreneur, these things make me feel ALIVE.  Why?  Because bad ideas become good ideas if they are refined, and things make sense only after they are scrutinized.  Best yet, trying something new keeps the soul young and the mind curious.

When my graphic designer, Promise Tangeman of GoLiveHQ, and I hang out, we often toss around the worst ideas like footballs (this is a terrible metaphor considering we watch the Superbowl to sing along to Beyonce, but whatevs).  A couple months ago, we chatted about collaborating on a branding series.  After scrutinizing our idea and structuring it to make sense, we decided to create a fun project for the love of it.

Over cocktails, The Brandologists came to life.  We'd like to invite you to join us for a four-week branding series for your business.  Starting on Thursday, June 2, 2016, we'll meet online (via live streaming on my Facebook Page) for one hour to teach creative entrepreneurs how to differentiate their brands.  This educational series is totally FREE.  Our goal is to connect a variety business owners with each other…and have FUN along the way!


If you'd like to join us for a branding cocktail hour, we'll see you at 11am PST on June 2nd!  You can register for this free training HERE.