The Wild West of Influencer Marketing: Tips On Working With Brands

Have you ever considered becoming an influencer?

If so, you may be wondering the same thing as Cindy. She asked during my weekly Facebook live chat:

>>“What is the most important thing to do if you want to be an influencer with a certain brand?”<<

Although I am not an influencer myself (I choose to build my own brand and business), I can talk about influencer marketing all day from a business perspective.

As it becomes more and more popular for brands to invest in influencers to market their products, I have learned so much watching my friends, colleagues, and (yes) strangers get brand deals.

The biggest thing I’ve learned?

>>Influencer marketing is the Wild West, my friend.<<

*Brands think they have all the power when I think it should be the opposite.* Influencers have ALL the power and brands should pay a premium for them to talk about their product! 

The reason why I say it is the Wild West is because let’s say Brand X wants influencers to talk about their product, so they DM 10 influencers whose niche and audience aligns with theirs. They ask, “How much would it cost for you to talk about our product?”

All three influencers can have 10,000 followers, yet:

  • Influencer 1 charges $100 per post
  • Influencer 2 charges $1,000 per post
  • Influencer 3 charges $10,000 per post

Since there is no standard price for an influencer post, they can over and under value themselves. So, all brands have to figure out is who will talk about our product for the lowest price!

>>How do you stick out as an influencer to brands you want to work with?<<

My biggest piece of advice is to show how much content and how much product you can move before they pay you. 

For example, say you want to work with Brand X but they haven’t asked you to partner. Instead of waiting for them to notice you, create a post for Brand X (yes buttercup, for free!) to show them the type of content, engagement, and excitement you will push.

Then, send Brand X an email saying:

  • I talked about your product in this post
  • Here were the results
  • If you’d like to work together in the future, here’s my press kit!

>>Boo, when you demonstrate your value, they will pay more for it!<<

I hope this helps you navigate the Wild West of influencer marketing.

Are you an influencer with tips and tricks of your own? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you so the community can help each other grow.

This town IS big enough for the two of us, cowboy!