What Content to Create on Instagram Reels

Since Instagram added the Reels feature, I’ve been answering a lot of questions from entrepreneurs on what content they should create on Instagram Reels for their business.

*Are you wondering the same thing?*

If so, keep reading, Buttercup!

>>My answer to this question is simple: Use Instagram Reels as a way to establish yourself as an authority and leader in your industry.<<

Sure, you could use Reels to showcase your morning coffee, but I’d recommend using them to educate your followers on what you do.

For example, I know I could share a Reel about my baby Luna or what a date night looks like with JD, but I know that wouldn’t move the needle in my business.

Instead, I’m creating Reels like 7 Apps I Use for My Business, How to Create a GIF Using Your iPhone, and 3 Helpful Tips to Go LIVE and Get Engagement.

This type of content is a lot more beneficial to my ideal customer than my personal life or, worse, content that’s just about Social Curator.

*No one wants to hop on Instagram to be sold to all the time!*

>>As a business owner, your goal should be to create Reels that are educational, entertaining, and empowering for your future customers.<<

Because on social media, in order to turn followers into customers, you must serve them with something they NEED, capture their attention, and build trust.

Hustler, I tell you this because when your followers trust you, THAT’S how you make sales on social media!

If you’re ready to capture your followers’ attention and educate, entertain, or empower them using Instagram Reels, you’re in for a treat! I just created a new Instagram Reels Checklist that will walk you through how to record, edit, and post your first Reel so that it looks like you’ve been creating them from day one!

Download my FREE Instagram Reels Checklist >>HERE<< and start getting more eyes on your business by delivering educational, entertaining, or empowering content right to the palm of your dream customer’s hand!

Now that you have nothing stopping you, I’ll see you on Instagram Reels super soon.