What if…?

The answer was always NO. I flat-out, refused.

You see, I had invested in countless masterminds, but I never (never, ever, ever) wanted to host one myself.

I won't bore you with all my reasons why, but here's a nutshell version:

  • What if I let people down?

This ONE reason was enough for me to evade inquiries for a decade. That was, of course, until I began asking myself, What if?

In February, I opened a waitlist for a mastermind, and 2,000+ signed up in just a few days. The team then interviewed qualified applicants and we selected 15 entrepreneurs for our first cohort.

We met twice virtually, but last week we hosted the mastermind in our hometown of Newport Beach, California. I was jumping out of my skin in anticipation, but I was shocked with the reality of actually meeting IRL.

This group was even more incredible than I could have imagined. It’s always been a dream to curate a space for driven, determined, and generous visionaries to come together…and it finally happened.

I was humbled sitting in a room filled with people who are sharing incredible ways to grow businesses.

We stripped ideas. We challenged beliefs. We picked each other up. We pushed each other to think bigger.

No, bigger than that. 3x it. Now add 57% more.

That’s more like it.

My mastermind isn’t about one person. It’s about scaling information to collectively grow our businesses…and—whoa—this crew did not come to play.

Just wait to see what they debut, do, and share in the next five months.

What an honor to facilitate this journey. And it all started with ONE QUESTION: What if…

What might you do/create/begin if you asked, What if…?

This week I asked myself a new What if… question: What if I got out of my comfort zone? I'm sending this note from Austin, Texas. I'm here as part of a mastermind/executive group I am a part of and, well, I'm uncomfortable.

I'm driving rally cars, having conversations by bonfires, pitching business strategies, and may or may not be wearing a cowboy hat.

It all starts with What if…


Photo credit: Naomi Creative Photo