What is the Definition of Creative Entrepreneur?

A few weeks ago, I was asked for the definition of a creative entrepreneur.  And in that moment, I had a flashback to fourth grade when the church choir director asked me to define joy and my mind froze, so I started to cry.  Isn't that ironic?  I'm supposed to be talking about joy at church and I cried so hard I hiccuped.

I successfully avoiding hiccuping regarding the definition of a creative entrepreneur because the question was asked online and I had time to craft an answer.  Oh, the perils of being awkward.


A standard definition of creative entrepreneurship is setting up a business in a creative field and concerned first with the creation of creative or intellectual capital.  In short, creative entrepreneurs are investors in talent.

But I want to take a moment to add a personal addendum to the idea of creativity.  As a photographer, I'm afforded the luxury of easily slipping into the category of a creative (as are painters, writers, dancers, designers, etc.).  But I'd extend the definition to entrepreneurs who creatively approach their otherwise non-creative industry (accounting, law, architecture, etc.) to build a business around their talent, not just their qualifications.

I recently had the honor of working with a lawyer, boutique owner, and a fitness expert teaching how to build a personal brand in typically formal, business-as-normal industries.  They're banking on their talent, and using their unique qualifications to embody the spirit of a creativity.

That right there?   That's a perfect definition of a creative entrepreneur.    If you're ready to get your hustle on, join the club.