You’ll Always Be “Too” Something

So often we stop our growth for fear of what others will say.

They WILL say you’re too old/young/rich/poor/Black/Brown/White/dumb/smart. You’ll always be “too” something. Too much, too little.

We hide our light to make other people comfortable.

You'll Always Be "Too" Something

We speak softly, stand in shadows, and play it down with subconscious hopes that our enough-ness won’t highlight someone else’s insecurities.

But by doing so, we live a half-life of what we could do, and who we could become.

I share what I’ve learned along the way in hopes that someone (hopefully YOU!) will get 1% stronger to step into their power.

I hope you own your magic.

I hope you know you’re enough.

I hope you stand in your power.

I hope when someone says you’re “too much” that you have the courage to ask, “Am I too much or are you basic?”

Just kidding… but not really.

Be you. Own it. When you make it into the room, or stand in front of your phone, or talk on a podcast, or speak on a stage, or make your first sale…

I hope you hold your head up high because there is only one you, and your dream is:

  • Meant to be heard,
  • Meant to be seen, and
  • Meant to be experienced!

Since you know that you’ll always be “too” something for someone how about you…

Be “too” relentless. 

Be “too” brave. 

Be “too” kind. 

>>Be “too” focused on your dream to ever consider giving up.<<

There will always be those who don’t get it or don’t support you. That’s ok. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s ok. Remember it’s part of the process. 

>>If someone isn’t criticizing what you’re doing or what you have to offer, you’re not doing enough.<<

Remember: You’re doing the thing you once thought was impossible. Take it one small step at a time. In fact, I would be honored to support your journey.

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