Your Hashtag Questions Answered

Want to know how to get your Instagram account discovered using hashtags?

I asked members of Social Curator their biggest struggles (and questions) about hashtags…

And we responded in a BIG way.

>>The content team and I created this month’s marketing Action Plan with clear steps on getting discovered on Instagram!<<

Our content is exclusively for members, but I wanted to answer some of their questions to share my insights on how to use hashtags strategically for your business. Let’s dive in!

Question: Hilary asked: “Sometimes I feel like it would be more beneficial for me to figure out what hashtags my ideal clients are hanging out at and go engage with them there, rather than looking for the right hashtags to add to my post because my ideal client might use/search hashtags that don’t fit the content of my photo… Thoughts?”

Answer: Hashtags are something you have to work for AND use. There are two ways to use hashtags: the first is by inserting your post in other people’s searches by using the hashtags. 

>>But just because they’re searching for a hashtag doesn’t mean they’re going to engage with it.<<

So the second way to use hashtags is by doing exactly what Hilary said: engaging on other relevant hashtags to get discovered that way.

Question: Lisa asked: “Are hashtags that important because I am seeing people with a huge following not using hashtags at all! Is there a point where it doesn’t matter because of their number of followers?”

Answer: Those big accounts could be putting the hashtags in the comments, and if they are getting hundreds of comments you’re probably not going to be able to find them. *But they’re there!*

>>Using hashtags is a personal decision.<<

Personally, I’m very strategic about what hashtags I use because larger hashtags have bots targeting them and I find my spam messages and fake followers skyrocket when I use them. So test, test, test and see what works for you, Buttercup!

Question: Tavia asked: “Am I less likely to rank highly for a specific hashtag if I use the same bundle of hashtags over and over?”

Answer: You will not necessarily be penalized for using the same hashtags over and over, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Hashtags are supposed to help you get discovered, so keep them fresh!

>>At least 5 of your hashtags should pertain to the photo itself.<<

*Don’t hashtag #hotdog if there isn’t a hotdog in the photo, you know what I mean?*

The truth is my friend, there’s no way to know the true ROI (Return On Investment) on hashtagging.

It all comes down to having great content. If your content isn’t good, your hashtags probably won’t perform well!

>>Create content that people want to engage with and you are sure to find Instagram success.<<

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