2 Reel Ideas For Any Business

If you’re not creating Instagram Reels to get more eyes on YOUR business, you’re missing out!

The truth is, right now there are thousands of business owners doing EXACTLY what you do… and the way to stand out from the crowd is by grabbing your ideal customer’s attention. 

A great way to do that is with *yep, you guessed it* Instagram Reels! These short videos offer business owners the opportunity to create micro-commercials for their products or services while speaking directly to their ideal clients.

*And you should be joining them!*

If I’ve thoroughly convinced you to jump on the Reel train, here are 2 Instagram Reel ideas you can create right now to entertain your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Reels for any business

Reel Idea #1: “4 Simple Steps” 

In this Reel, you’ll share a few Simple Steps to do something your ideal client or customer would like to achieve, like: Clean Out Your Closet, Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee, Build a Budget… you get the idea. 

It doesn’t have to be exactly 4 steps. It can be 3, 5, 7,… but if you’re working with just 15 seconds, I’d recommend not going over 5 steps max.

To make this Reel nice and simple, use a trending song in the background and create a 15-second clip of you pointing in the air of the steps to a process that you teach OR the ways you can use a product you sell. Yes, it’s that easy!

Now, don’t forget: at the end of every Reel you create, you should include a Call-to-Action. Asking a question, encouraging your audience to tag a friend, or letting them know how to purchase your product or service gets people talking back to you and, of course, increases your post’s visibility in the algorithm.

Reel Idea #2: “Do This to Get ____”

Ooooooh, that headline is juicy! Now it’s your turn to fill in the blank with something your ideal customer wants. Something like: Do This to Get Noticed on Social Media…. To Get Your Artwork in a Gallery… To Get Clear, Beautiful Skin… and so on.

To create this Reel, you could follow the same process as the previous one and point to text that pops up on the screen. Or, to make it even easier, you could use props to demonstrate your points and add more visual interest. 

However you decide to do it, it should be simple. Don’t overthink it, just think about what your ideal client wants to achieve, write out 3-5 steps to help them accomplish it, and hit record! 

Honestly, the first few Reels you create may not go viral. They may not even be “good!” But with each additional Reel you create, you’ll learn something for the next one, and the more you learn, the better you’ll get at creating them.

10 Easy Reels You Can Make For Your Business: Connect with Your Ideal Client via Short, Fun, Fast-Paced Videos

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