3 Helpful Tips for Going LIVE and Getting Engagement

Lately, people have been asking if going Live on Instagram is still worth it.

My answer? Yes, yes, 100 times YES!

>>Going Live increases engagement and leads to more DMs & sales.<<

*But I get it…going Live can feel nerve wracking and awkward.*

That’s why I’m sharing 3 easy tips to get you going Live ASAP, especially before the holiday sales season!

Tip #1: Make a Statement About Your Live

What is the overall point that you want to make? Summarize it in a powerful statement and showcase it in the beginning of your slides. This will set the stage for your Live video by telling your followers what they’ll learn and why they should keep watching.

Tip #2: Provide 2-3 Helpful Tips

Bridge the gap of your thesis statement by providing two or three supporting ideas. This helps decrease overwhelm not only for you, but for your viewers! Be informative. Be inspirational. Be helpful.

Tip #3: Recap with an Easy Call to Action

In the end, loop it around to your initial idea. Take the time to answer any questions that viewers have asked during the Live video. This is a great buffer to let people get to know you and your business.

>>Friend, I believe that EVERY business owner should use the Live feature to show up and show who they are.<<

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