3 Tips to Build a World-Class Brand

The magic to building a multimillion-dollar business has nothing to do with what you may think…

Your success is not dependant upon:

  • Running ads
  • Having lots of followers
  • Creating an Instagrammable life
  • Have the ‘best’ product/service
  • Selling luxury items

Your success as a business owner and entrepreneur is dependent on your BRAND.

3 Tips to Build a Brand

Ok. Let’s be real…

This probably doesn’t feel like a breakthrough thought, because you’ve most likely heard the word “brand” more times than you’ve watched your favorite Friends episode. 

You get it. You know you need to build a brand, but the question is how?

The first thing to do is build the foundation of your brand, because the foundation of your brand is how you make someone feel

How do you make someone feel something that entices them to buy into your brand? Well, the effectiveness of your personal brand is in direct proportion to the amount of content you create. 

Is your brand giving people something to talk about? Because let me tell you, your brand isn’t fonts, design choices, and slogans… 

>>Your brand is what someone says about you when you walk out of a room.<<

Before you start running down the list of reasons you don’t feel qualified to build a brand, please listen up and hear me when I say:

>>Anyone can build a brand, including YOU.<< 

I’m living proof of this. When I started my entrepreneurial journey:

  • I didn't have any education.
  • I didn't have money.
  • I didn't have resources.
  • I didn't have connections.

So, HOW did I do it?

I built a brand using the following three tips... 

Branding Tip #1: Create content where people are

The way we interact online is constantly evolving, so I learned early on that my mindset had to do the same, and yours can, too. 

You may be currently showing up on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok… and whatever new platform is the latest craze. 

You don’t have to be on all platforms, just pick one, decide to be consistent, and do as much as you can however you can. 

Branding Tip #2: Create personal connections

Why should someone know, like, and trust you? 

If you can’t write three sentences that explain why someone should know, like, and trust you, there’s zero chance that anyone else will be able to understand it themselves or refer you to a friend. 

Keep this in mind: It isn’t enough to be discovered, you need to be memorable

Here’s the key to being memorable: create content that serves a very specific person in a very specific way. 

To stand out in a sea of thousands, you need to make them FEEL something. People are craving connection more than ever before. 

I know what you may be thinking, “When the majority of connections are happening virtually, is it even possible to create personal connections?” 

That’s a great question, and I’ve got some encouraging news for you… 

>>There’s never been a better time or easier way to connect than right now.<< 

How can you create personal connections in an online world?

  • Respond to every comment
  • Leave comments on at least five accounts each day
  • Reply to your direct messages
  • Send direct messages to others
  • Add comments on social Stories
  • Check in with former client simply to say hi
  • Share a link to helpful article or recommendation you think they might enjoy

Branding Tip #3: Share educational content

You must give. Give. GIVE. GIVE! 

Offering education is one of the quickest ways you can start building your brand. 

Don’t be afraid to share everything you know. 

>>Your content is your credibility.<< 

If you know making someone feel something is the foundation of building your brand, why not share something with them that makes them feel educated and empowered?

When you make somebody feel smart, save time, know something, or feel supported by the content you create, that person will start talking about you. 

When you follow these simple 3 tips, not only are you creating valuable content, you’re also creating a fan, an endorser, an evangelist… and that, my friend, is what we call building a world-class brand. 

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