How to Get Sales at Any Price

Are you worried your followers won’t buy what you’re selling if it’s above a certain price point? 

If you are, you’re not alone. 

I hear this concern a lot, and I’m ready to bust that myth so you can get sales that pay you what you’re worth.  

*So, listen up…* 

How to Get Sales at Any Price

When it comes to getting sales of any price ($99, $999, or $9,000), your objective should not be to define what you’re selling by the cost, because how your dream customer feels about the price is subjective. 

$99 may be expensive to one person, and cheap to someone else. 

>>Instead, reframe the value that is associated with what you are offering.<< 

If your dream customer isn’t buying what you’re offering, don’t jump to the conclusion that you need to change the price. Instead, revisit your current offer and explore the possibilities of adding to its intrinsic value that your current pricing substantiates.

>>It’s not a matter of what price point your followers are willing to pay, it’s a matter of what your followers find valuable, and then your ability to speak to it.<<

Whether you’ve been in the game for a while now, or are just getting started, imagine what’s possible if you revisited the offer that’s not selling the way you hoped it would. 

It could be a course you offer, a photoshoot package, a hand-poured candle… Whatever service you provide or product you offer that’s not selling, revisit it.

Now reframe the value that is associated with your offer. 

Service-Based Business Example

A hair salon’s current balayage service is not selling. When they revisit what’s included, and how they communicate the offer, they realize two things:

  • They’ve communicated on social media that they offer the service, but have not educated their followers on what makes the service a premium and valuable one.
  • They notice their competitors include a 15 minute scalp massage that results in higher sales (and tips!).

The salon begins to post weekly behind the scenes of the balayage service to educate their followers on how it extends the time needed between salon visits, the level of skill involved, and how time-intensive the service is. 

Then they communicate to their followers that they’ll also receive a FREE 15-minute scalp massage when they treat themselves to a balayage service.

Product-Based Business Example

A T-shirt company’s sales have decreased. When they revisit their product they realize two things:

  • Their original t-shirt sold better than their new design which uses a different fabric.
  • They haven’t been posting as consistently on social media as they use to.

They decide to prioritize their social media presence, and post engaging content 4 days a week that highlights how their t-shirts are made, the people who make them, and the community they support.

They take it one step further, and decide to “re-release” their original t-shirt, share testimonials on their social media, and speak to the “softest fabric they’ve ever used.” 

I hope these examples sparked some game-changing ideas, and have inspired you to take sales-increasing action for your business today!   

Whatever you do, remember this… 

>>You are worth it, and what you offer IS valuable.<<

Now go serve up some value and start selling! 

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