4 Topics You Should Share in Your Instagram Story Highlights

Are you using Instagram Story Highlights to prep your audience for sales?

*Sorry friend, I know this is a sore subject!*

Not many business owners think about what to include in their Instagram Story Highlights because they’re more focused on their content, hashtags, Guides, and Reels…

So instead of curating 4-5 Highlights that speak to their ideal client and showcase their business, they often either leave their Highlights blank or simply share their favorite Stories at random.

*I mean, who even looks at Highlights anyway?!*

But the truth is, these little bubbles at the top of your profile are one of the best ways to turn followers into customers on Instagram.

>>Although your current audience may not see your Instagram Story Highlights, potential followers will often click on these FIRST before choosing to click “follow.”<<

You want the type of people who’ll like, comment, and engage, so why not show off exactly what makes your business special the moment they land on your profile?

Now that you’re convinced you need to add “Story Highlights” to the top of your 2021 Marketing To-Do List, try out these 4 topics in your Instagram Story Highlights and watch your number of followers go up and your engagement skyrocket!

  1. Inspiration

This is your opportunity to spread the love and encourage your audience on a rainy day, Monday morning, or just because. For example, you could tell a funny joke to lift their mood, explain how you get through a bad day, or share your favorite pump-up playlist to start the morning!

  1. Behind the Scenes

Whether you’re showing off your workspace, demonstrating tools of the trade, or giving a sneak peek into your workday routine, this Story Highlight will invite your audience to see “real life” behind your business.  Show them what it’s REALLY like to work with you or your team! *The more candid, the better!*

  1. Products and Services

This is where you will introduce your audience to the products or services you offer. Aim to use educational and benefit-driven language in these Stories and include a way for your audience to purchase, either with a link to your website or instructions on how to get in touch. Be creative… Marketing is just repeating the same message over and over in different ways!

  1. Credibility

This Highlight is crucial to prepping your audience for sales. It may include showcasing client testimonials, awards you’ve won, or even re-posts from customers using your products. It’s your time to shine, Buttercup!

So there you have it, Hustler! Four topics you can use for your Instagram Story Highlights TODAY.

I can’t wait to see how you use social media to grow your business and inspire others along the  way.

Just getting started with Instagram Stories and want to get back to the basics? I gotchu, Hustler! Download my free Instagram Story Checklist to learn exactly how to post on Instagram Stories (and why it matters!).