Embracing the Next Big Thing

Ok, real talk:

Instagram Reels is just where it’s at. 

Currently, in 2022, nothing beats Reels on Instagram, but here’s the thing, something else will come in the future and Reels won’t be as important. Guess what? You’ll see me doing and talking about the next thing.

However, don’t squander this REEL opportunity! 

Embracing the Next Big Thing
  • I have created Reels using a tripod. 
  • I have created Reels where I was just standing.
  • I have created Reels with a voiceover. (Great option for the camera shy!)
  • I have created Reels that are very text intensive.
  • I have created Reels that are long and some that are short. 

I have created so many different Reels, I’ve lost track… and guess what? I’ll create a whole lot more. 

My goal is to show up, and get uncomfortable so that I can learn along the way. 

There have been Reels that just haven’t performed well, and then there have been Reels that had over a million views.

The goal is simply to put out at least 500 Reels.

 I know it sounds like a lot, but hear me out! My goal is to create hundreds of Reels before I have an opinion or advice on what I should be doing. 

>>The content will determine the direction.<<

You just have to get the courage to create the content. Now let me tell you the secret to finding the courage you need:

>>Your courage is found in doing.<< 

That’s it. That’s where your courage and confidence will blossom. It’s ok to process, plan, and consider before taking action but hunnay… if you spend more time thinking than doing, you’re holding yourself back. 

Let’s start by getting the excuses out of the way first…

Do Reels take a long time to make? 

When you first get started, sure, but it will get easier, and you’ll get more efficient. 

Are you worried about what people will say? 

Maybe. Guess what? Their opinions don’t pay your bills.

Are you camera shy? 

That’s ok. There are easy ways to create without being on camera until you get more comfortable. 

Do recording and editing Reels intimidate you? 

It’s easier than it looks, and the best way to learn is by doing.

Listen. I get it, and I’m not advocating for Reels… but I’m also not not advocating for them.

I don’t love creating Reels, but I DO love building my business. 

Here’s the reality: Reels are the most engaging content on Instagram (for now), and I want to help you move forward in your business.

It’s never too late to learn something new, and it’s definitely not too late for you to jump on this growing Instagram trend. 

I want you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It may be Reels right now, but it will be something else in the future. 

>>Instead of sweating the small details, embrace the unknown and be at the forefront of trying something new, learning as you go, and grow your business.<<

Make note of the date and time, and mark today on your calendar as the day you chose… 

  • Courage over fear, 
  • Action over inaction, and 
  • Growth over stagnancy.

You are here for a reason. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Acknowledge where you currently are without judgment, knowing that tomorrow you’ll be one courageous step closer to where you want to be. 

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My goal is to show up, get uncomfortable