Should You Be Emotionally Connected to Your Ideal Client?

“Does my Ideal Client need to be emotionally connected with me?”

This thoughtful question came from a recent Q&A I hosted on Facebook Live, and I know you could also benefit from the answer. 

Ready? Let’s dive in! 

Should your Ideal Client be emotionally connected to you? My answer may surprise you…

Being emotionally connected to your Ideal Client

Simply put: No. Your Ideal Client doesn’t need to be emotionally connected to you. 

However, I have learned that… 

>>It is in your best interest to be emotionally connected with your Ideal Client.<< 

As a business owner, your job is to be emotionally connected to them. Ask yourself:

  • What are their biggest frustrations? 
  • What are their biggest problems? 
  • What are they most afraid of? 
  • What are they most let down by? 

You need to be emotionally connected to them to know what problem your business is solving for them. 

And yes, every business solves a problem… including yours

>>The best businesses solve problems in the fastest and most unique way.<< 

If you're sitting here thinking, “My business doesn't solve a problem.” 

I’ve got news for you… IT DOES

Your objective should be to discover what problem you are solving because knowing that changes everything

Allow me to give you a little behind-the-scenes look into my own business: I am the CEO and co-founder of Social Curator. My team and I know that business owners are exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed with marketing their business because we are emotionally connected to them.  

Since we know this, we can more easily solve their problems with the solutions my business provides. 

Our Ideal Client wants and needs to market their business and get more sales. 

Guess what? We have the solution. We solve their problem through coaching, resources, and done-for-you solutions. 

My objective as a business owner is to create so much problem-solving content that my Ideal Client will soon believe that the solution I provide and speak to consistently, is the right solution for their problem. 

>>You must do the same thing with your business.<< 

Now let's get back to what it means to be emotionally connected to your Ideal Client. 

Something magical happens when you know there is a problem and your business is the solution: 

  • Your content gets better. 
  • Your content is rich.  
  • Your content is engaging. 

You must understand the struggle of what your customer or your Ideal Client is going through. 

Start by identifying three emotions that your dream customer or Ideal Client is feeling.

  • Are they exhausted? 
  • Are they frustrated? 
  • Are they overwhelmed?
  • Are they feeling lost? 

What is your Ideal Client feeling right now? 

List three of the emotions that they're feeling before their problem is solved (e.g. unproductive, unworthy, anxious, etc.). Go for it! Don’t be shy. 

>>Emotional connection begins when you are willing to dig deep.<< 

What are the first three emotions that come to mind when you think of your Ideal Client?

Now comes the fun part… List three emotions that they will feel after they've invested in your product or your service. 

Let me share my own personal example with you so you can start imagining what’s possible for your business… 

With all the things business owners have to do in their business, I know they’re feeling: 

  • Exhausted, 
  • Overwhelmed, and
  • Stressed out. 

This is why the content my team and I create is focused on acknowledging and validating what we know they’re feeling, followed by the solutions we provide. 

Which is why at Social Curator we provide business owners with: 

  • Group coaching that educates
  • Marketing plans that empower action,
  • Photo galleries that inspire and entertain,
  • Caption Templates that save time,
  • And MORE!

What will they feel after using the solutions I provide? Perhaps you’re thinking, “What would I feel?” 

You will have more time for other parts of your business. 

You will feel confident with how you show up in your business. 

You will become an industry leader for what you do and how you market your business.

So, does your Ideal Client need to be emotionally connected to you? Not at all. 

Is it in your best interest for you to be emotionally connected to your dream customer or Ideal Client? HECK YES! 

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